Learn when to use which variety, how to chop without crying and top tips for enjoying every day.



Strong flavour, making them great for cooking. Sweetness increases the longer they are cooked. Perfect as your everyday base, for caramelising, sauces or grilled on the BBQ.



Milder than brown onions, making them perfect to be eaten raw in salads and sandwiches.​



Mild and sweet, they add a vibrant burst of colour to your dishes. Great in salads, lightly cooked or caramelised.

Secret to a good dice

1 Cut the onion in half lengthways

2 Peel off outer skin and make parallel cuts from one end

3 Slice off one end

4 Make horizontal cuts across onion


for enjoying

   every day

  • Fresh spicy onion tomato salsa
    goes well with chicken, fish or meat
  • Use onions to boost the flavour of your favourite toastie
  • Onions lend a sharp, crisp, edge to dips, salads and sandwiches
  • Combine onions with potato in a creamy onion mash, grated and fried in a rosti or slightly sautéed
  • Add onions to your standard roast veggies dish for a succulent sweetness
  • Include finely chopped onions into Asian dishes 

Tear-free chopping

If you want to chop without your eyes watering, there are many options:  

  • Refrigerate or freeze onions for a short time before cutting
  • Cut under the stove hood
  • Add vinegar to the chopping board
  • Avoid chopping the root as this is where the concentration of tear-inducing compounds live 
  • Blanch the onions first or cut under running water (but be very careful!)
  • Use a sharp knife – this makes cutting easier and faster
  • Wear sealed goggles! 

     How to

Choose & Store

  • Choose onions that are firm with dry, tissue-thin skins
  • Keep your onions in a cool, dark place in a ventilated container away from potatoes
  • If you only use part of the onion, it can be wrapped and refrigerated for up to four days
  • Did you know you can eat onions that have sprouted?

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